NFL: Even Bigger Assholes Than We Thought

You know all of those ‘tributes’ on Sundays to our brave soldiers during NFL games, well apparently Roger “Cockface” Goodell made our armed services pay up for them.  According to a recent Congressional report, major sports doled out $53 million bucks over the last three years to major sports teams for…no joke…”Paid Patriotism”…

shutterstock_297454808Just to give you a taste of what this means (and because we’re still pissed about the Jets fucking on us on Sunday- read why here), you can check out more details on what our tax dollars were spent on to line the pockets of owner Woody Johnson here…spoiler alert- we had to pay for the Jets to recognize “Hometown Heroes”…stay classy Jets.

We know there were likely some costs involved, but couldn’t you maybe take just a few dollars off the giant gobs of money you’re making and kick some love to our troops.

Check out how much your NFL team is worth here based on calculations done by our friends at Forbes.  Spoiler- Bengals being undefeated so far this year (and hurting me in my win spreads bet) doesn’t necessarily contribute to the bottom line.

So what the fuck?

Are we going to stop watching football?  No.

Are we going to stop calling Goodell a Cockface?  Defnitely not.

But, Come on NFL, sack up.

Update: In week 9 coverage, they made sure to throw up a graphic that said “No DOD Sponsorship” with their Salute the Troops tributes…



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