Confessions of an Exotic Dancer: Part 1

Her name is Jasmine (this week).  This is what she recently told ManSmart…



Next time you go stop in a convenience store that sells liquor, specifically around 11am, look around. Look for a female buying an energy drink or two–and a few airplane shots. She’s probably dressed in Pink sweatpants, or possibly yoga pants. Depending on the season, she’s likely in a hoodie or a tank. Her hair will be up, and you won’t be able to see her thick lashes through her large, dark , name-brand glasses.


As she hands the cashier her cash, it would’t be surprising if she had long, french-tip acrylic nails. And they are squared-off.



This happens to be the same woman you see at CVS at similar times, browsing the cosmetics aisles before purchasing cigarettes. It will be like any other typical shopping experience you have with others. Perhaps you have seen her before, and you will see many others like her again.


She won’t stand out–until after you read what I have to tell you.

Want more?  That’s how she likes it…

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