The End of Free Content

They say “If you’re not paying for it; you’re the product” (or a thousand different variations of that line)- what, did you think Google was giving you gmail out of the kindness of their heart?  (They made HOW MUCH money last QUARTER?!  $18.68 BILLION.   )

From telling one of the many social media sites what the hell you’re having for breakfast to being ‘published’ on Huffington Post, businesses around the web rely on users to generate content for their sites.  But there may be a backlash a brewin’.  As reported by the Wall St. Journal, Facebook, the undisputed king of social media, is seeing people contribute less original content and an increase in ‘passive’ users that is resulting in people making less comments, starting less threads, and not telling us what color fucking underwear they’re wearing.

But is Facebook afraid?  Apparently, yes.  They’re actively trying to encourage people to contribute more by prodding them with things like- ‘did you know today was Flag Day’?  Or ‘aren’t you pissed the subway isn’t working’…(How much do you pay your internet wizards???)  Oh, that much, damn…

Doubtful that this means the end of the oversharing movement, but perhaps it could be mean a slight changing of the tides…or so we hope…wait…does this mean we have to PAY for shit on the internet now?!  Fuck that!  Millenials!

Tell me what you had for breakfast!!!!!