Write for ManSmart

Do you like to write about gambling, sex, drugs, music, news, tech, or money?

Then we want you!  And don’t be fooled by our namesake, we don’t care if you’re a man or woman

Email us at Editor@ManSmart.com and let us know what you’re interested in writing about.

ManSmart is looking for creative people with a solid voice that are looking to be published on our site.  For those that are regular contributors, we’ll even write a letter of recommendation.

Some topics we are currently sourcing articles for include:

Gambling- Weekly Football Picks “THE LOCK BET”: do you think you can beat the spreads?  Tell is in 200 words or less which bet you think is the best “Lock” bet for the week.  Also, let us know if you have any Gambling “Rules” that you follow when placing your bets.

Sex- If we need to give you ideas here, then you’re probably not the right person.

Money- Have some insight into how to save money in a particular area?  Share the knowledge!

Business- Notice any interesting themes in the business/financial world?  Fill us in!

Sports- Our staff is currently more NFL focused, so if you enjoy writing about College Football, Premier League, NBA, NHL, or Cricket (just kidding- not cricket- unless you can convince us!)

Entertainment- Reviews of TV, Film, Video Games, etc.

General Debauchery- we love it.

Sophisticated Stuff- If we need to give you ideas here, then you’re probably not the right person ( we need help here).

Anything that would be of interest!

Email us at Editor@ManSmart.com.