What are the New Meme Stocks?

The pandemic may have been generally bad but one of the things born during that time was the concept of meme stocks. Everyone knows that the original meme stock was GameStop, which gained popularity all over the world a while back. GameStop’s popularity has gone down but the meme stock concept continues to live on. So, what are the new meme stocks?

1. C3.ai

AI is incredibly popular right now, and that’s why a lot of people investing in tech stocks are looking to invest in AI. C3.ai has gained significant popularity in recent weeks, and its stock price has doubled rather quickly.

But while AI may be the biggest thing in tech right now, the problem is that C3.ai’s stock price is determined by its hype, just like any other meme stock. So, once the popularity dies down, you might see losses. As such, it would be best to invest right now and sell at its highest price.

2. Advanced Micro Devices 

Also known as AMD, which is one of the biggest computer chip manufacturers in the world, this stock has increased its value due to the impact of social media. The new Zen 2 processor is the reason why more and more people have been talking about AMD online.

Since the start of 2024, the stock price for AMD has seen an increase of more than one-third. There’s a possibility that this could continue until it reaches a price increase of nearly 50%. As such, its stock is currently good to buy right now.

3. NVIDIA Corporation

Arguably the best microchip manufacturer for gaming, NVIDIA Corporation has attracted attention among different investors, making it one of the biggest meme stocks right now. However, there is no real reason why NVIDIA has attracted attention, but the belief is that people have been talking about it due to its approach to AI and its plans to introduce new products into the market.

The stock has seen an increase in its value by nearly double. This means that it remains in a buy position in today’s market.

4. Disney

Disney is one of the most recognizable brands in the entire world. In 2022, the company experienced a down year when its stock price plummeted by nearly half. However, it has seen a recovery period due to its recent attention on social media.

The attention it is getting from retail investors has increased Disney’s stock price well enough for people to project that it could see another increase in the next 12 months, making it an intriguing company to invest in.

5. Tesla 

Elon Musk’s celebrity status has always been one of the reasons why people can’t help but talk about Tesla and the other companies that the world’s wealthiest man owns. But Tesla’s stock has gone viral on social media.

Tesla suffered a sharp decrease in value a year ago but started recovering and has risen its price by half. This means that it might be a good time to risk things on Tesla, which has always been one of the most traded stocks on the market, regardless if it’s a meme stock or not.

6. Apple

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world but it still continues to trade like a meme stock. In many ways, it isn’t a meme stock. However, the way that people gauge its performance using social media is one of the reasons why it is one of the newest meme stocks in the market today.

The stock is currently in a buy position. Apple is likely going to continue to perform well, despite a few hits here and there. But the anticipation is that its stock price will see a slight increase over the course of the next few months.

7. Blackberry

Known in the past as a luxury phone manufacturer, Blackberry has since transitioned into a software firm that focuses on security software. It is no longer as popular as it once was but it has become quite prominent due to the power of the internet.

More and more people are now talking about Blackberry on social media, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that its stock could see an increase in the next few months.

8. Palantir

Palantír is a company that builds AI software and helps with big data of different enterprises to make it easier for organizations to function in the digital era. In recent years, Palantír has focused on working for different government agencies but is looking to dive deeper into the private sector.

The reason why Palantír is a meme topic is the fact that it has so much potential to grow and that many investors are talking about it and looking into how much it could appreciate over the course of the next year.

9. SoFi Technologies

SoFi’s financial services can all be seen in one useful app that has become popular in recent months. It started in the student loan industry but has since become a public company that has allowed it to add millions of new customers.

One of the things that makes SoFi a meme stock is the fact that it has become a fintech favorite among people today and is one of the fastest-moving businesses on the market.

10. AirBNB

Known as one of the most revolutionary companies in the world due to how it took the travel industry by storm in 2008, AirBNB is still going strong and is garnering a lot of attention on social media.

As such, its stock price has seen a good increase thanks to the influence of social media. While not exactly the biggest meme stock today, it has the potential to grow even bigger, as suggested by the fact that it’s been seeing an increase in share price.